Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Andrea's Happy Tuesday List

Some of the things in life that make me happy . . . in no particular order:

* Having my whole family home for dinner

* The temple

* Skirts - pleated skirts

* Running

* Dunford Chocolate Donuts (found only in SLC)

* My puppy, Mabel

* No make-up Mondays

* No make-up Saturdays

* Mrs. Backer's Bakery cakes (again, found only in SLC)

* Swimming

* Traveling, anywhere, anytime

* Working in my yard

* Fry Sauce from The Training Table (also found only in SLC)

* Eating in SLC!

* Watching whales in Maui

* Doing ANYTHING in Maui

* Listening to my daughters laugh

* Listening to my daughters play their violins

* Sleeping

* Walking the Newport Pier with my uncle Cal

* Visiting with my aunt Kalani at her kitchen table

* Learning to do something myself, and not depending on anyone else to do it for me

* Having my husband to help me do all the stuff I haven't learned to do myself yet!


Molly & Danny said...

Love all your happy spots! i agree with eating all the way, and laughter! Hope your not to stressed, and you got my pictures!

Alicia said...

Hi Woods! I got to your blog from Amber Palmer's--so good to see some pics and see what you're up to! Andrea, congrats on completing your bachelor's, and Todd, have fun with the MBA! If you'd like to see pics of little Nathan (and maybe even an occasional photo of me :]), visit http://curtandali.blogspot.com. Love from Memphis,
Alicia (Packer)

The Fletchies said...

added to your happy list

1. laura fletcher.

The Fletchies said...

I'm going to start coming over to update for you. I know you have more going on in your life and I NEED to hear about it.

Apparently all of my friends love Morgan and Hilary. But who wouldn't. You know they learned it all from you. which brings me back to my original point...you are hilarious so blog more.


you forgot one more of your favorit things...haveing rose come over and being able to feed her delicious food