Thursday, October 18, 2007

A Visit to SLC

So we flew up to SLC for a 24 hour whirlwind tour last weekend. First, we tried to beat the clock when we landed by sending Todd to pick up our rental car. See how happy Morgan and Hilary were as we waited at the WRONG pick-up curb while Todd waited at the RIGHT pick-up curb.

Then we drove over to Grandpa Wood's house for his 80th birthday celebration. In this pic, he is looking at the photo album all the kids and grandkids contributed pics to for his gift. Great food, and lots of laughter. Living away from family makes us appreciate times like this when we can be together and catch up with everyone.

The next day we spent time with two of our favorite people in the world. Andrea's aunt Kalani and uncle Cal. They pretty much raised me, and since my parents died, they have been the only parents I have. Last December, Cal was diagnosed with a brain tumor. But with surgery, radiation, and some amazing chemo, he is beating all the odds. He never quits. In fact , his doctors keep telling him to slow down, but in reality, he doesn't know how. I owe pretty much all I am and all I know to my aunt and uncle. Cal baptized me when I was eight, so pretty much, my activity in the church is in great part due to him. He taught me to be tough. He taught me to fish. He taught me to work. And Kalani, sacrificed more than I will ever know to take care of me when I was little. She tended me while my mom was at work, raising me with as much love and discipline as she did my cousins. She taught me how to keep a clean house, how to cook, not to whine, and I think I get some of my opinionated nature from her. Yep, these two people are as great as they come. And I'm so thankful, my daughters and my husband appreciate them and love them as much as I do.
Our trip went by way too fast, but we look forward to heading home again soon.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

My New Adventure

Have you seen this new book? Let it be known that I learned about it and purchased it way before Oprah featured it on her show. Why do I love this book??? Well, let it be known that I have been hiding healthy foods in my cooking since my kids were born. And this book teaches a new method for disguising healthy veggies and fruits into great food by pureeing them and mixing them in. Can you imagine, carrot puree, or cauliflower puree, or butternut squash puree in mac and cheese? Or how about spinach puree, and beet puree in brownies. Yeah, I know it sounds gross. But trust me, this stuff is delicious. And wouldn't you rather eat a brownie that's good for you to help overcome the guilt of eating it? OK, I admit, I rarely feel guilty eating anything. I just love to eat. But I always feel better knowing I'm fueling my body, rather than just giving in to momentary pleasure. Enough preaching. I just wanted to share my new passion and adventurel. Happy Eating!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Andrea's Happy Tuesday List

Some of the things in life that make me happy . . . in no particular order:

* Having my whole family home for dinner

* The temple

* Skirts - pleated skirts

* Running

* Dunford Chocolate Donuts (found only in SLC)

* My puppy, Mabel

* No make-up Mondays

* No make-up Saturdays

* Mrs. Backer's Bakery cakes (again, found only in SLC)

* Swimming

* Traveling, anywhere, anytime

* Working in my yard

* Fry Sauce from The Training Table (also found only in SLC)

* Eating in SLC!

* Watching whales in Maui

* Doing ANYTHING in Maui

* Listening to my daughters laugh

* Listening to my daughters play their violins

* Sleeping

* Walking the Newport Pier with my uncle Cal

* Visiting with my aunt Kalani at her kitchen table

* Learning to do something myself, and not depending on anyone else to do it for me

* Having my husband to help me do all the stuff I haven't learned to do myself yet!