Sunday, November 11, 2007


On Tuesday November 6, 2007, the world became the footstool of one Morgan Wood.

Watch out world, Morgan is now 18 years old, and she' comin' to get ya!

Lock your doors!

Protect your young!

And hide all your valuables!

Morgan is an adult (or so she thinks), and she's ready to take you on!

In all seriousness, though. Morgan is a wonderful young woman who is:

Wise beyond her years.

Is responsible and task oriented.

Works hard at school.

Loves her job as a tutor.

Is a fantastic primary teacher.

Is a loyal friend.

Is a faithful sister.

Is a devoted daughter.

And has the best sense of humor of anyone I know!



Hilary & Morgan said...


The Fletchies said...

Yay morgan is an adult! Now we can hang out and I'm not a pedifile! I agree with you on all those things including:

Morgan is one of the most social people I know and can talk to anyone.

She is one of the only girls I would willingly hang out with for prolonged periods of time.

She can go from goofy to spiritual in about .2 seconds.

She has an amazing testimony.

And she has REALLY HOT style.

Keep it sassy morgan. Don't let being an adult suck the life and soul out of you.

The Fletchies said...

p.s. why wasn't I invited? I like cake and morgan for that matter.

ThePalmers said...

Hey Sister Wood,

Thank you SOOOO much for the packing offer. I think I have it under control. I have to pack when the kids are in bed, otherwise everything gets unpacked as I pack it! :) Anyway, you will have to come see our new house sometime... maybe after the new year when I hopefully have everything unpacked!! I cannot promise any cute decor though... I am just not very good at that sort of thing.

Thanks again!

Alicia said...

Happy b-day Morgan! It was fun being in college at age 17, though, eh? I laughed when I saw a sign in the University Mall in Orem that said you can't get your ears pierced under age 18 w/o a parent. There I was, a college student living in a different state than my parents, and I couldn't even get my ears pierced if I wanted to!

Anyway, hi to you all! I definitely did NOT make Nathan's lion costume (thanks for thinking I might have), it's definitely an old cousin costume that we decided to put on him about 30 minutes before the picture was taken. As my husband said, pretty much it doesn't matter what Naters wears because he's the cutest thing ever regardless! Mommying is fun! (minus ear infections--I really, really don't like ear infections)

The Fletchies said...




If I were by you I would chant this in your ear.

ThePalmers said...

I heard that if you don't post something new within a month of your previous post, you will lose your account- Just to warn you. Ok, just kidding, but you should post something soon so I can stop coming to your blog just to be disappointed! :)

Jess said...


Welcome to the world of blogging! Its fun to read your updates. Here is our blog:

Jeff, Jess & Tessa

Jess said...

Hey, we created a blog for Gramps to keep everyone updated on his treatments, etc. The blog is

The Fletchies said...

I want blogging andrea back. I miss her.

The Spradlin Family said...

Hey Andy,
You need to update more often! I finally did a blog too! Talk to you soon! My link is on Hilary and Morgan's blog.


i like the pic of morgan, hill and i. becuase i am in it and my hair looks fantastic.
p.s. go to my blog and tell me how much you like my writting