Sunday, September 16, 2007

Todd Began His MBA !!!

It's official !!! Todd began pursuit of his MBA at the WP Carey school of business at ASU in August. So now, all he does is study. No, seriously, that IS ALL HE DOES! Every night from 7 -10, and all day on Saturday. He is in class every other Friday and Saturday from 8-5, and he owns his own business, serves at Young Mens President, and does his best to spend time with his wife and daughters.
And it's official (2), Andrea FINALLY completed her requirements at BYU. She will officiallyn graduate in December, but she will begin working on her Master's Degree in October. It's not finalized yet, but her program will most likely be with WGU (Western Governor's University). She will master in Secondary Education with an emphasis in Social Sciences. When she grows up, she will probably teach at the junior high level, or maybe part time at the community college level.
So it's official (3), all four of us will be studying our little brains out for the next two years. We will be poor from paying university tuition for three of us. Thank goodnes for Morgan's scholarship!!! And we will be boring. Well, maybe not boring. Keep in touch. We may lose our minds and be rather entertaining!


Molly Young said...

Good luck to all of you! I'm glad to see some news on yoour blog. we love ya

The Fletchies said...

So what I hear you saying from your comment is I shouldn't prepare for me lessons. You know what? I'm alright with that. Off the cuff is my new motto.

I think we should have a studying party with all of us. We could buy lots of food and all read the hundreds of pages assigned to us each week. I wish I was as dedicated as Todd. I always have fridays to study when I work at my parents store and never do. I always end up reading library books instead like the hidden diary of Marie Antoinette.

I'm glad you finally decided what to do with your life. It sounds like a good plan. I'm very impressed. Maybe we can teach together.

p.s. my bro in law told me my hair looked like flock of seagulls. He killed the joke on delivery but it was still sad. I wore my hair flat today instead of fauxhawk esque and devin said he liked it that way. apparently I'm not going to prepare my lessons or get ready any more. sad face.

p.p.s. we should have a flower planting party. flowers might be my favorite hobby in the world.

ThePalmers said...

Hi- I just wanted you to know that you have company when it comes to husbands studying 24/7. Brandt leaves the house at 7am to go study. He gets home around 6pm to have dinner and spend an hour with the kids just to study from 7pm until 11 or 12. Isn't school so much fun!!! By the way, how come I am not a friend on your blog page yet?